Dear Camper,

Thank you for your application to the 35th Csutorás International Camp of Folk Music and Folk Dance! We warmly welcome you with great music, dances and experiences between August 2.-9. 2020 in the town of Örkény, in Csutorás Camp.

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Information relating to the camp:

Time: August 2 - 9, 2020
Location: Örkény (, Pálóczi Horváth István School of Profession and Student Hostel (, 2377 Örkény, Fő út 5-7.

Time of arrival:
Between 13:00 and 15:00 on 2 August, 2020. on the usual territory of the camp. (Those not coming for the entire week are supposed to arrive on the day indicated on their respective application forms.) The student hostel, on which the place of the camp is even signed, is located in the centre of the town between the Catholic and Lutheran churches and only 200 metres away from Road no. 50. Our hosts and organisers are to welcome guest on Sunday at the reception from 13 o'clock on. Our collegeaues shall help guests with administration, billing, payment and any related issue as well as with the implication of the Csutorás bracelets and the occupation of rooms.

Information regarding payment:
Payment by transaction: Please, if you happen to have required and received a transaction receipt before the start
Payment by cash: Those choosing to pay on the spot at the time of arrival should have with themselves the sum formerly indicated in the checkback. Please note, that you have the given sum precisely in order to make the process of payment and cheking-in both faster and easier.

Please bring the money in two parts:
The fee of catering will have to be payed directly to the restaurant responsible for it. May there be any request of billing, please let us know at the time of payment. Also, please have with yourselves on paper the data needed for the construction of a receipt (Address, name, administrational number of taxation) did it happen not to correlate with the data of the customer as shown by the application form.
The fee of camping (price of accomodation included)is to be payed to the organisers. Any request of a receipt should be communicated at the time of payment and followed by the discussion of the relating data.

Campers recieve the following upon the arrival:
The Csutorás bracelet (a mean of personal identification, valid for on week and waterproof)
The meal tickets, according to demand (on the application form). It is important not to lose these, since one can dine int he restaurant only in exchange for the meal tickets.
The room assignments
The Csutorás T-shirt(s) formerly ordered on the application form

Purchasable upon arrival:
Csutorás T-shirt in different colours and sizes
The CSUTORÁS Mozaik 2019 movie summerising the most exciting events of the 34th Csutorás Tábor in 50-60 minutes may be ordered.
The movie of the videorecording of the Csutorás Gala.
Different tex books, CD-s and DVD-s are also availlable for purchase. First meal at the camp: 2 August, Sunday, dinner at 18 O’clock
Opening ceremony at 19:30
The programme of the Camp is to be found enclosed.

Örkény, the location of Csutorás camp:
Örkény is located in the very centre of the country, 50 km-s away from Budapest and 24 km-s away from Kecskemét.
The camp itself takes place in Pálóczi Horváth School of Profession and Student Hostel, which is situated in the centre of the town with nice parks around and int he vicinity of the Mayor Hall and the Catholic and Lutheran Churches. It is 2-2.5 km-s away from the railway station of Örkény. (
By the means of railway Örkény can be reached ont he Buapest-Dabas-Lajosmizse-Kecskemét line. Trains leave from Nyugati pályaudvar and Kőbánya-Kispest in Budapest, while from Kecskemét, Lajosmizse and Táborfalva int he opposite direction.
By bus the town is to be reached ont he Budapest-Dabas-Kecskemét line. Buses leave from Népliget in Budapest in addition to Kecskemét and Szeged. (Express buses are to be avoided since they neither enter Örkény, nor do they stop there.) The bus stop is in front of the Church int he town centre approximately 300 metres away from the hostel.
The location can also be reached by car. In this case speedway M5 or Road 50 are to be travelled. (Please note, that there is a charge for using the speedway.)

We ask everyone to bring with themselves a notebook, pens or pencils ( media equipment, if they happen to have; e.g.: voicerecorder, video camera, camera) , musical instruments, a beautiful  voice, happy feet some hight spirits as well as swimming suit and sports clothing. (The latter is especially recomenden for those who wish to participate in the anually organised football game of the camp.) Please, do not forget your social security card and any medicine to be taken regularly either.

The ultimate programme can be read and downloaded on our website:
Also in the confines of Csutorás Camp the CSUTORÁS BEACHFEST is to be organised on the Lido of Dabas on 11 August, Friday afternoon. The price of admission is included int he Camping fee. We play music, engage in craftsmanship, dance and present ourselves in the territory of the beach, on grass and concrete as well a sin water and pool. (We make some irregular ’Water music’ with Hungarian pipes and some wild dancing in the pools instead of bathing rings.)

Böde István, quality award winner choreographer, a student of the Hungarian College of Dancing and executive assistant of art for the Dance Club of Kecskemét and Harkai Csilla are to teach Moldvaian Hungarin dances between 6-13 August.

In addition, we would like to kindly ask everyone to bring their respective performance dresses (In case of folk bands and dance clubs at least one) because on the night of the Gala everyone has the opportunity to perform on stage in those besides the uniform Csutorás T-shirts. A swimming suit and suntan lotion might come in handy on the beach.

The 35th Camp will be ended by the anually organised but now higher than ever quality Gala of which a TV-recording is to be made by Media Flash. (It is possible to book accomodation and catering for guests only attending the Gala too.)

Either in the evening of 11 August after the Gala or next morning. The hostel must be left until 10 a.m. on 9 August (Sunday) at the latest.

We honestly hope that everyone will enjoy themselves in Örkény and head home after a week with great memories, new friends, knowledge, songs, instrument skills and profession related acquintances until a reunion in the 32th Csutorás Camp.

Information related to the camp is available on our website: and on the two Facebook profiles of Csutorás Camp. Application is possible on all year long.

With high regards:

József Birinyi camp headmaster, founder of Csutorás Camp, co-president of KÓTA, President of the Hungaricum Association
Mobile: +36-20-934-6032